Hand washing facilities to Primary schools

Donor: The Pillination Project

The corona virus Pandemic has tought every one across the world the importance of handwashing. Much as washing hads has been promoted, the virus has helped to raise as much awareness as possible. Total Community Transformers with support from The Pollination Project has helped support 3 schools with over 4800 learners with hand washing facilities. 

The organisation continues to solicit support from partners to reach a all schools that struggle to access hand washing facilities to prevent water borne diseases

Teaching and Learning for Primary Schools 

Donor: International Project Aid

Habitat primary school has been teaching learners without adequate teaching and learning materials. apart from that the school is teaching these learners in temporary shelters made of planks(vigwagwa) with are very cold especially during winter. Since national examinations are administered during the same time, the schools pass rate remains  absolutely low.

The organisation continues with support from International Project Aid has provided books and other learning materials to this school. It is worth mentioning that the learners are still learning in temporary shelters 

Educational support for orphans and vulnerable children  

Donor: Myrtle House Ministries 

Orphans and vulnerable children find it difficult to complete school and leave an independent life because of the contrains that they face both materially and spiritually. Some have lost hope that their dreams may not be realised. Some have even gone into early marriages as a way to get support for their survical. 

Total community transformers together with support from Myrtle House Ministries support OVCs with education (Fees, uniform and books 

Youth Camp  

Donor: Kindness Acts

Young people loose their focus as they go through the time of adolescents and they experience alot of pressues from peers and colleagues to experiement alot in their lives. These makes them fail to reach their potential  and lose their direction. 

The youth camp is designed to envoke their spiritual life and also boost their urge for hardwork in school sothey can maintain their focus and do better in their education . 

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